A Holosist Proof-of-Concept: supporting engineers with Augmented Reality

At Mirabeau, we keep on track of innovative technology like Augmented Reality(AR) and how it might benefit our customers. Based on insights from human research, we combined user-centered design, image recognition, and AR to come up with the Holosist concept. An innovative Proof-of-Concept that could support maintenance engineers in their daily activities to work hands-free by use of the Microsoft Hololens. Simply by looking at a specific object the Hololens projects step-by-step instructions onto the real world.


Wearing the Hololens, you have to authenticate yourself by looking at your ID badge. The concept makes use of image and face recognition services to support the authentication process. After the login process you can choose which task you want to work on, simply by using voice commands. You will receive instructions to stand in front of the object and how to perform the required operations.

In our Proof of Concept it’s an aircraft engine. The engine will be recognized and maintenance tasks are projected on the Hololens glasses, allowing the user to navigate through the different tasks by using voice commands. In this way it is possible to work hands-free without the hassle to look up instructions on a computer or a printed manual. It saves time and money and it is generally more fun to work with.

The following video gives you an impression of the concept:

Holosist project

Augmented Reality for your industry?

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