Real-time face recognition with Cloud AI Services

Mirabeau is currently experimenting with cognitive services like text-, speech-, and image recognition. We believe that AI will have an even bigger impact in our lives than the smartphone revolution has had. This research should lead to real world experience and examples for various AI services. A new experiment shows the power of the current face recognition cloud services.

When entering our head office in Amsterdam visitors will notice a big screen with a camera. Once a visitor’s face has been detected, further analysis takes place using cloud face recognition services based on the power of machine learning. The service provides insights like age, gender, emotion and other facial features as reading glasses, beard, moustache, lip & eye makeup etc. The application we developed shows all the information as an additional layer on the screen providing a real-time experience. The projected information follows your head when moving.

Mirabeau Face Recognition demo

Detecting employees

Some nice features of this prototype is that it gives users a near real-time experience and it is even capable of detecting our own employees. With a set of images (employee profile pictures) current cloud services can detect faces very accurate. Mistakes only seems to happen with bad quality images.

Next steps

Up until to now, this demo has demonstrated that cloud AI services are becoming very mature and - with this technological foundation - you could build cases for the retail industry for example. Giving the possibility to detect your own employees is a great starting point for new innovative features. We have a lot of ideas how we could enrich the information being presented. Think of things like information about your next meeting or adding balloons when it is your birthday ;0)

AI for your industry?

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