Working one week from home: what we have learned and experienced so far

It’s a little bit more than a week that we are working from home, and we can say that we have never been so connected. Our Slack channels are super active, great initiatives pop up that keep us connected and motivated, like the #dailycreativeness Slack channel. Our meetings are continuing and our projects are running. Even our internal events like The Best is Yet To Come are still on, just online of course! And our VrijMiBo just became the ReMiBo, a remote Friday afternoon drinks. Mirabeau. We’re rocking this remote working situation!

Working from home, the positive aspects

Even if working from home might bring some unexpected and unplanned issues in our everyday working life, we heard about positive sides too. Better coffee, more sleep, a higher level of productivity and getting to know our neighbours. Besides, we have a better breakfasts, more time to get started in the morning and to get in the flow. We’re also able to get to know our colleagues in a different way, by seeing them in their home offices, by meeting their kids and families, because we’re all in this together.

People considering to take care of a pet, and the people that have one, spending more time with them, creating new routines like nice walks just before starting the day or during lunch. We have been doing a great job in staying connected and motivated as a team. We share great initiatives, tips on how to work better, advices on how to take care of ourselves, on how to stay active. The team spirit is high, and we can feel it! And as well, this remote working situation is giving us the time to rethink our priorities, and to focus a bit more on ourselves. What do we really need, and what do we really miss?

Working from Home

And so, what do we miss the most?

Even if we’re more focused working from home, and being more productive, we can’t do without the human connection that is created by being together at the office.

We miss the people, our colleagues, our team members. We miss the possibility to really be with them, to have a spontaneous conversation at the coffee machine, to look at the person sitting next to us and ask for a little feedback, an opinion, or just about their weekend. We're missing the creative energy that we experience by being together. We miss having lunch together, the after lunch walks and breaks. In short, all the moments that shape our working days. And of course, we miss the drinks, even if we created the online version of them, which went tremendously well!

Some tips to share

Remote working might be quite stressful as well. All our respect goes to the people that have children at home, who are now doing two jobs at the same time. You’re awesome!

In general, it might make things a bit more difficult, and we might feel demotivated sometimes. It’s normal, don’t worry! We have some tips to make the best out of your days. Try to have a schedule to follow. If possible, have a designated area at home as your new office, with a nice chair, and everything that you need at hand. Don’t forget to take some breaks, to have a nice lunch without laptop, so to clean your head. It is easier to overwork while working from home, so it might help to have a closing activity once you’re done, a sort of transition from work to private life. Might be a book, a walk, a bit of music, cooking something, anything that helps you unwind and close the working day.

What happens when this is over?

We are all looking forward to the moment when we will be back together at the office. If there’s one thing that this quarantine is teaching us is that we will be more grateful for the things we have, things that we might have taken for granted before, but that now have gotten a totally new value for us.

In the meantime, let’s keep up the good work, the great vibe, the amazing initiatives and let’s stay connected! We are in this together and will all be back together soon!