Mirabeau’s data driven lunch time!

Since a couple of days you can see if there’s a spot free at our very popular lunchroom. It’s all engineered together with sensors, data and a huge old school counter.

We love data at Mirabeau! Not to start an evil empire, but to make life a little bit easier. Our plate-counting project is a prime example of sensor-data-translated-to-ease.

Mirabeau's data driven lunch!

Video by Peet Sneekes

With the scales customized by adding Wifi communication we gather data each time a plate is picked up, which is translated to a big number of the amount of available seats in our lunchroom.

That application is easy of course, but we're also funneling that data into our insights and data team, who are trying to get extra insights. Think of the correlation of the speed we run out of plates and the weather, prediction of number of people grabbing a lunch at a specific day or even project stress.

To get new insights, but also richer, actionable information to our clients we combine data science and engineering talent, A.I. experts, IoT engineers and much more. And we're always looking for more talent!