Mirabeau wins Hackathon at Transavia

One of the most important KPIs for Transavia is the On-Time Performance (OTP). It shows the reliability of the airline, and has a major impact on the Passenger Experience Index (PXI). In 2016 Transavia Data Force found that one of the major causes of delays can be found in the time that is needed to bring passengers on board, the so-called boarding time.

What if it was possible to predict boarding times? It would directly improve the OTP, PXI and reduce numerous problems for catering, ground handlers and the airport.

Recap of the Hackathon Friday 31 March

The Hackathon takes place in Hangar 5, with a beautiful outlook on KLM planes, and hosts 16 teams and more than 60 participants. Transavia shares data about boarding times and circumstances, two hostesses are available to answer some questions. It is clear to us that one of the main factors data scientists struggle to quantify is the human factor: which people will cause most delays and why?


To make a good data prediction model two factors are important: number of relevant data sources and their diversity. Emanuela, Emar and Eva think about all possible relevant variables to include in the model and try to access different sources online. Finding ways to distinguish among leisure and business travellers can help. At 15.00 we get mid-term results on our model: we still are far from the best performing teams, despite the fact many of many did not manage to upload their models due to technical problems.

In the second part of the day Rob and Danny, our super clever data scientists from Cognizant, work hard on improving our model. Designers put together our digital strategy. There must be more than predicting boarding times, what do we do to digitally optimize the process while improving the experience of low cost travellers? We conceive a “traffic light” solution: when the model shows us risk of increasing boarding times, we offer solutions to communicate it on time to customers, increasing their sense of control and providing better service.

At 19.00, after crunching some pizza, all teams have 5 minutes to present their vision. We witness real funny acts that include laptop bloopers and green sunglasses. After pitches are concluded is time for prizes. Wolter Van Haersma (Head of Strategy) and Tijmen de Groen (VP Ground Services) hand in the three prices, Best pitch to Anchormen 2 and Best vibe to Kadenza.

As the whole overview of results appears, Mirabeau and two other teams are called on stage. We made it to the top three… We can hardly believe it when the winning team is announced: Mirabeau! We are congratulated by Tijmen de Groen on our customer centric vision, as it shows how technology can best serve needs of customers while optimizing operational processes and reducing costs. The collaboration of Cognizant and Mirabeau has proven once again to be of high business value for Transavia. Mirabeau wins 2