Why not ask your Qlik dashboard for insights using Google Home

Voice assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Siri from Apple are rapidly gaining more popularity. These smart assistants show great potential for alleviating everyday tasks. Making your life easier when booking a trip for example.

In a previous Proof of Concept we visualized content based on a specific conversation you might have with a flight booking service.

To take this a step further we asked ourselves the question if we could create a similar concept in a more business like setting.

To explore this, we made – in close conjunction with our colleagues from Cognizant – a concept to change multiple visualizations on an existing Qlik business dashboard by just using our voice.

About Qlik

Qlik provides business intelligence & visualization software which allows users to create dashboards with multiple visualization components to gain insights in data. For example, these dashboards are used widely to present sales figures.

Imagine giving a presentation using a Qlik dashboard. When you want to apply a filter on a specific year, you are required to walk up to your computer and apply this filter manually. Wouldn’t it be less disruptive if you can just simply use your voice to achieve the same results without all the hustling and bustling?

Our solution

The solution to this challenge is relatively simple. A Google Cloud function is triggered every time Dialogflow – a chatbot development suite – detects a specific intention like "filter year on 2015". The required values will be stored into Google Firebase. To apply these filters onto a specific dashboard, we build a standalone application using the Qlik SDK that enabled us to connect with the desired Qlik dashboard. Once the application is connected to the dashboard, the application will listen for changes in the Firebase database and will apply the filters as requested. The diagram below illustrates this high-level architecture.

GoogleHome Qlik Architecture overview Mirabeau Architectural Flow Diagram


After a couple of days figuring out the right cloud components and architecture needed to develop this Proof of Concept, we made it work. In the video below my Mirabeau colleague Youyi demonstrates our Proof of Concept using an existing Qlik dashboard, using the Google Home Mini. So… why not ask

About Qlik & Cognizant

Mirabeau is a Cognizant Digital Business. Cognizant and Qlik agreed a strategic partnership delivering business intelligence, analytics, data discovery, advanced visualization and mobility solutions. Our colleagues of Cognizant bring significant experience with Qlik projects while empowering users to see the whole story that lives within their data. Together, Cognizant and Qlik offer self-service dashboards and reporting tools with embedded analytics for BI within a centralized framework for enterprise data governance and scalability.

Cognizant has developed several business applications based on Qlik technology on top of its Cognizant BigDecisions Business Solution Platform. Ready-made vertical business applications for Banking, Life Sciences, Automotive, Retail, Insurance, Healthcare and more. And out of the box vertical Business Solutions like Cognizant BigDecisions Customer Journey Artificial Intelligence. As one of the key global system integrator partners for Qlik, Cognizant will be the Diamond Sponsor for the upcoming Qlik Qonnections; Qlik’s worldwide user conference taking place in Orlando from April 23 to April 26.