Recente artikelen van Paul Dohmen

Recente artikelen van Paul Dohmen

  1. How Sitecore Helix supports your scrum process to add significant business value Sitecore

    Since 15 years I have been working on IT projects in many different roles. I see a lot of positive evolution regarding successful projects. Nowadays we deliver more software in less time and learned to listen better to our customers. Nowadays Scrum is our methodology of choice that helps to…

  2. How to create clear features by using the Sitecore Helix structure Sitecore

    Because there are some challenges when implementing Sitecore Helix I would like to propose a way of working to help dividing a Sitecore application into features properly. For two main reasons Sitecore introduced Sitecore Helix as an architectural way of working to support building Sitecore web applications in a proper way.