Recente artikelen van Peet Sneekes

Recente artikelen van Peet Sneekes

  1. What the duck (some context) Recruitment

    So many of you have seen our photos of people with their blank rubber duckie, or even laying in a pool of rubber duckies?

    We thought it might be fun to give blank rubber duckies to future Mirabeau'ers, as a gift! So we got 1000 of them :-D With it, you…

  2. Applied Innovation: The power of creativity, AR, AI in BeerRecognition Innovation

    We created something wonderful and kind of nerdy. It’s called BeerRecognition. It’s an immersive experience with a central role for beer bottles. To do so we mixed pattern recognition, augmented reality and beer brands together in one concept. A recipe for success. As Strategic Innovator I have the honour and responsibility…