Recente artikelen van Sarmite Polakova

Recente artikelen van Sarmite Polakova

  1. Design Trend 3: Horror Vacui Design Trends

    By Sarmite Polakova and Audrey Cruchade, designers at Digital Agency Mirabeau. A series of trends investigating how visual and interaction design patterns will change according to the broader trends in society, technology and the design realm.

    Image by John Somers, designer at Mirabeau What’s going on? Our web is so white. It’s clean. It’s…

  2. Design trend 1: Supertactility Design Trends

    The design discipline within its diverse forms goes through numerous trends every year. There are short-term trends that usually are triggered by a fascinating idea without a deep, underlying story. These trends are very visual, however, they do not last for very long. Then there are trends that rise from…