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  1. A case of migrating towards SignalFX streaming monitoring DevOps
    Ioannis Petrousov

    At Mirabeau we maintain and monitor business critical platforms on a 24/7 basis. Monitoring is a key activity to offer excellent service levels. Especially when microservices play a role, with these architectures it is very important to keep track of all services and scale-up or down based on data-driven decisions.…

  2. CEDDL – De standaard marketing API van je website Software Engineering
    Sieger Veenstra

    Wat is CEDDL? Wat de specificatie zelf zegt is het volgende:

    “This specification describes a method for surfacing customer experience digital data on a web or other digital resource as a JavaScript Object which can be used for communicating this data to digital analytics and reporting servers.”

    We hebben het hier dus over…